I'm a software developer Specialising in iOS apps and wearable tech.

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Professional, with a keen eye for detail, I've been developing apps for a number of years.

Who am I ?

My history, skills and my vision for the future.

I've been developing mobile apps on the iOS platform for a number of years (since 2009). My love for software development began in school, at an early age, learning basic HTML. Progressing from college, to university, my interests in software development grew, learning CSS, C, Java and Objective-C, as well as experimentation with other platforms such as Unity - for my love of games.

My university years saw me find a desire for mobile app development, being easily able to combine a visual aspect to the code I was writing in an almost fluid manner. After relocating to Central Europe, I began working as an iOS developer for a small development studio responsible for delivering products on behalf of some large corporations, as well as several startup companies.

As the years have passed, I've worked for a variety of companies around the world, in very different industries such as anti-virus, dating, gaming, and connected objects. Currently, as a freelance developer, I'm open to many new ideas that come my way - even if the new ideas require the learning of new technologies.

My dream for the near future is to found a startup, being able to combine the Internet of Things with gamification, whether it involves VR, quadcopters or other technologies that allow the user's imagination to run wild. Until then, I am constantly on the lookout for new challenges, opportunities and potential partners for some of my ideas.

If you feel I could benefit you, or you could have something to offer me, I'm only an email away.

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My services come with plenty of experience and a strong focus on quality.

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London, United Kingdom

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