Spin XXL v2 Released

Version 2.0 brings a new quiz element to the game, allowing players to test their knowledge against each other, in various categories, ranging from sport, to movies & tv, geography and world history.

With up to 8 players being able to participate, the app is a great addition to parties with family and friends. The new version includes a variety of sound effects, and a speech mechanism, used as the game host, to keep…

WWDC 2015: Recap

So, WWDC has ended, and given us a lot of things both Mac OS X & iOS related.
Firstly, let's summarise the Mac OS X changes:

WWDC 2015: What to Expect

As some of you may know, next week (8th June) is the launch of Apple's annual conference, WWDC, in San Francisco. There have been many rumours about what to expect during this year's event, but here is a list of the most probable items to be showcased during the following week:

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