Apple Pencil & Smart Keyboard: iPad Pro's Incentives

During the annual Apple keynote in the fall, it's generally expected that we'll hear the announcement of the new iPhone, as well as some other product updates. This year saw the release of the iPad Pro, which had been predicted by many sources as a 12.9 inch screen tablet device, more suited towards designers, illustrators, and working professionals alike.

What many of the same sources didn't predict, were the release of two iPad Pro…

Quick Look: iPad Pro

It seems that the rumours were mostly correct for this year's September keynote. For several months, sources had been gathering information in regards to an upcoming 12.9" version of the iPad, branded the iPad Pro, with it's main rival being the Microsoft Surface.

On September 9th, we saw the announcement of said device, complete with the 12.9" screen (2732 x 2048 pixels) - which puts the display ratio at the familiar 4:3 we're used…

Entrepreneur Quotes for iOS Now Available

For several months, I tried to find an app that would provide me with a variety of inspirational quotes throughout the day, but really struggled to find anything useful. That is, with a decent amount of content, good usability, and useful features such as sharing to social media outlets, and notifications.

Seeing as time went by, and I still had no luck finding this sort of app, I decided to develop it myself. Released…

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