iOS 9 & Mac OS X El Capitan Beta Access

So, it's now possible for the Apple user (not developer) to install iOS 9, in beta format. The beta can be downloaded from the Apple Beta website ( You'll have to sign up to the Apple Beta program, but soon after, you'll be gaining access to the new mobile operating system, as well as Apple's upcoming desktop OS, El Capitan, which follows on from v10.10, Yosemite.

Bear in mind that the software is in beta format, so you may come across some unexpected bugs or glitches during your time testing the new platform, and do be aware that the update may not work with all devices, and could indeed render your phone inoperable in some circumstances. A good rule to follow is if the device does or can work with iOS 8, you can expect it to work with iOS 9.

"The wallet has been updated to accommodate both credit cards and store cards"

iOS 9 brings a ton a new features, as well as some much needed stability to the platform. Anyone who is familiar with the shortcomings of iOS 8 will be glad to know that Apple has taken the time this year to squash any underlying bugs from the previous version, as well as decreasing the package size to a quite incredible 213MB (though, keep in mind this might not be the final size when the official version is released).

Users can also find the new Apple Music platform, currently with a free 3-month trial (as of July 2015). Users will gain access to the vast library of music available to stream, as well as Beats1, the worldwide radio service, available in more than 100 countries, and their music/social platform, Connect.

Search also has deeper integration, allowing for the search function to trawl data from 3rd party apps (when or if the developer allows it), as well as a more proactive search facility, suggesting places nearby, depending on the time of day, as well as up-to-date traffic information, relevant to upcoming events or meetings.

"Finally, we see split-screen on the iPad"

Users have been calling out for a number of years, almost since the beginning of the iPad, to allow for a split-screen function. Android has had the function for a while now, and Microsoft Surface users are also very familiar with the side-by-side view that is offered, yet Apple users have been the ones desperately waiting for their requests to be heard.

Finally, with iOS 9, users now have the ability to join their Android and Microsoft counterparts in the split-screen view, browsing the Internet, while communicating with their friends and colleagues using Messaging or E-Mail. There is really a endless list of possibilities, but it does make iPad usage much more comfortable, not having to leave an app to check notifications within others.

Users can also welcome Apple's new picture-in-picture features, allowing users to continue watching video on their devices while working on something else in the meantime. Great news for Netflix users who need to continue binge watching GoT or Breaking Bad.

"New features being added to Mac OS X"

Mac OS users can also benefit from the same functionality as iPad users with the split-screen view, though most would already be familiar with this as they're very easily able to manage the windows on a desktop, compared to their mobile-device using counterparts.

Other additions include a more natural search, allowing for users to search for 'photos from California trip in June', which will reveal their travels to the Golden State in the summertime. Spotlight also includes transit info, sports updates, weather, as well as stocks for the business oriented.

Inbox, Notes, Safari and Maps have also undergone a pleasant refresh, integrating further functionality to an already feature packed operating system we saw in Yosemite.

The new operating system's performance is worth noting, especially in graphics performance with the inclusion of Metal, something that has been seen in iOS for a couple of versions now, effectively making it between 40 and 50 percent faster in comparison with the OpenGL version of past. 

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