Swift 4: Tackling Codable with JSON Response

Well, well, well... You've clearly had enough of parsing JSON in Swift up until this point, having to build out extensions and other classes for something that always seemed fairly trivial in Obj-C? Me too.

With Swift 4, we're introduced to the Codable protocol. Now, rather than dealing with these additonal classes (perhaps libraries in some cases), we're now able to write JSON parsing logic with a small number of lines. Even better, we're…

Entrepreneur Quotes for iOS Now Available

For several months, I tried to find an app that would provide me with a variety of inspirational quotes throughout the day, but really struggled to find anything useful. That is, with a decent amount of content, good usability, and useful features such as sharing to social media outlets, and notifications.

Seeing as time went by, and I still had no luck finding this sort of app, I decided to develop it myself. Released…

Apple TV: An Update

For the past few months, the Internet has been awash with the news of Apple and their Apple TV product. Rumours seem to be sprouting up everywhere, some stating their living room product is due to be refreshed in September this year, while others are leading us to believe the product refresh is going to be kept under wraps until 2016.

Considering the current Apple TV (3rd gen. Rev A) has been on the shelves since…

Is now the right time to develop for Apple Watch?

On Tuesday, Apple posted it's sales results for their third fiscal quarter. The figures that seemed to be most anticipated during this call, were those of the Apple Watch. Somewhere, buried within the category known as 'Other', along with sales figures for iPods as well as accessories, are the figures for the watch.

Albeit somewhat in a grey area, the estimated sales figures, calculated by a number of reporters, tend to be anywhere from 1.9m…

It's now easier than ever to learn swift

There are plenty of resources on the internet for people interested in learning software development, and what better place to start than with Apple's recently announced programming language, Swift.

It's been around for a while now, which has given the programming elite enough time to produce plenty of documentation and tutorials regarding the language, for all of us to take a look and get to grips with the new codebase that will power the…

Spin XXL v2 Released

Version 2.0 brings a new quiz element to the game, allowing players to test their knowledge against each other, in various categories, ranging from sport, to movies & tv, geography and world history.

With up to 8 players being able to participate, the app is a great addition to parties with family and friends. The new version includes a variety of sound effects, and a speech mechanism, used as the game host, to keep…

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