It's now easier than ever to learn swift

There are plenty of resources on the internet for people interested in learning software development, and what better place to start than with Apple's recently announced programming language, Swift.

It's been around for a while now, which has given the programming elite enough time to produce plenty of documentation and tutorials regarding the language, for all of us to take a look and get to grips with the new codebase that will power the future of iOS (and other platforms too, as it's now open-source!).

Apple first released a 500-page eBook way back in 2014, when the language was first revealed to the world ( Since then, we've been introduced to the new version, Swift 2, with many notable improvements over it's predecessor, giving developers enough comfort to switch from Objective-C, over to Apple's newer, faster, cleaner language.

"Stanford University announced it's Swift Programming Language course"

In the months since the release of Swift and iOS 8, Stanford University announced it's Swift Programming Language course, which is free to access via Apple's education portal, iTunes U (

The course is split into 17 different lectures, each containing a collection of slides, along with 5 different development projects. While the course is targeted towards people at the very beginning of the Swift learning phase, it does help to have at least some basic knowledge of software development, as the pace does pick up quite fast.


"Online course companies such as Udemy and Udacity offer a wide variety of courses tailored towards beginners"

Online course companies such as Udemy and Udacity offer a wide variety of courses tailored towards beginners of Swift, and beginners of software development too. While the course prices tend to differ, a lot of material and courses can be found for free, good enough to get users starting on the road to becoming a mobile software developer.

And, for those looking at getting a jumpstart at software development, looking for a course that offers a qualification, and a good chance of placement at the end, should take a look at some of the nanodegrees offered by Udacity (

The course ranges between 6-9 months, and upon finishing, gives you a portfolio of five different apps, as well as an in-depth understanding of the programming language. With sponsors such as AT&T being involved in the nanodegree, you can be sure that employers will take the course, and your qualification, seriously.

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