iPhone 6S: Coming in September

As fall 2015 approaches, we should start looking towards Apple's next keynote, which should (more than likely) include an announcement regarding the next iPhone. During the past few months, there have been a number of rumours surfacing regarding Apple's upcoming smartphone. Here are just a few:


"A9 Processor, 2GB RAM"

Samsung started production on the A9 processor back in December 2014, rumoured to be 20 percent more powerful than it's predecessor, and up to 35 percent more energy efficient. Combined with the upcoming version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS9, we should look forward to a device with greater power, smoothness, and overall usability.

Consumers have been waiting for an iPhone with 2GB of RAM for a number of years now, expecting Apple to keep up with the likes of Samsung and HTC on this front.

"Force Touch"

With the inclusion of Force Touch on Apple Watch, and now on the newest generation Macbook Pro, it's only expected that we'll see Apple's new touch technology on the iPhone, and probably the iPad too. 

With various sources providing information to 9to5Mac that suggests Force Touch APIs will be open to developers within iOS9, it seems to enforce this rumour.

Force Touch will reportedly offer more functionality to it's users, some of them rumoured to be greater control across the system, such as app deletion and re-arrangement on the device's home screens.


"4K-Capable Camera"

It's rumoured that Apple's new device will bring with it a new camera, capable of 4K video recording, a 12 Megapixel sensor, and the ability to record slo-mo, up to 240fps.

This could make sense as Apple recently acquired LinX, an Israel-based camera company, specialising in camera modules that are suitable for implementation in smartphones. 

The front-facing camera might also be receiving an upgrade, to 5 Megapixel, from the previous (and current) 1.2 Megapixel.

"September 18th - 25th"

According to various sources, it's expected that Apple's upcoming iPhone will be released on September 25th, with pre-orders open on September 18th. As the date approaches, more information will be received, allowing this post to be updated.

Stay tuned.

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