WWDC 2015: What to Expect

As some of you may know, next week (8th June) is the launch of Apple's annual conference, WWDC, in San Francisco. There have been many rumours about what to expect during this year's event, but here is a list of the most probable items to be showcased during the following week:

"Apple TV"

Apple's partnership with HBO, and the streaming service HBO Now doing very well on the platform, it is very much expected that Apple will be announcing, or at the very least, working on new partnerships with other TV networks. There are also strong rumours relating to an Apple TV SDK, allowing developers more access to the Apple device, and linking with one of Apple's previously mentioned SDKs (last year), called HomeKit.

Hardware wise, there are some rumours relating to a new Apple TV box, along with an updated remote control, but this hardware is apparently, not close enough for an annoucement at WWDC, which may actually result in the Apple TV news being pushed back to one of Apple's conferences hosted later in the year, perhaps around September or October time.


The new version of Apple's mobile operating system isn't expected to be much of a big step in terms of features compared to it's predecessor, iOS8. Instead, the new version, iOS9, is expected to be more of a performance and stability focused release, smoothing out the features from previous versions, resulting in a faster, smoother and lighter operating system that will work nicely with some of Apple's older generations of mobile devices, namely, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 series.

That isn't to say this newer OS won't include any additional features. As previously mentioned, iOS9 is rumoured to include a 'Home' app, presenting a better UX for home automation; A hub for controlling your connected devices around the home. During the past few days, there have been news of some of these connected devices getting ready to be unveiled in the very near future.

Siri is also due for an upgrade, throwing in some new features, to make it more in line with Google's current offering, Google Now. The latest version of iOS is said to include a feature called 'Proactive', which contains a card-based notification system.

Finally, with companies such as Spotify championing the music streaming sector, and none other than Jay-Z taking note, and releasing his own platform, Tidal, it seems that Apple is now becoming more focused in this area, with last year's purchase of Beats, we're expected to see some news on this front during WWDC2015.


Actually part of iOS8.4, a revamped Music app is set to be part of the WWDC announcment list this year. Apple Music is set to be Apple's next big step into music streaming, giving Apple users the ability to stream music from radio stations, with music curations from the likes of Drake and Pharrell.

The service is however rumoured to be delayed due to negotiations between Apple and various record labels still taking place, but it is likely that the service will be announced in some shape or form.

"OS X 10.11"

Though most of the rumors tend to be relating to Apple's other hardware lines, it is rumoured that there will be some announcement regarding the newest version of Apple's desktop operating system, OS X. With UXKit being a part of the latest OS X update, OS X 10.10.3, more light may be shed on this, and what it could mean for us developers, especially those being left in the dark when it comes to Mac Development.

"Apple Watch"

As stated in a previous blog post, there are rumours of a Watch SDK being announced, giving software developers native level access to the Apple Watch, rather than an app extension level as it is currently. This will allow developers access to the variety of different sensors built into the watch, which in turn will make for some potentially brilliant watch apps in the near future.

Other announcements are rumoured to include news about Apple's newest programming language, Swift, as well as Apple's new font, San Francisco, which can already be seen on the Apple Watch, and is widely expected to make it's appearance on Apple's other devices, starting with the release of iOS9, and OS X 10.11.

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