Air France: Music in the Sky

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Project Description

Music in the Sky was developed as a marketing app for Air France Music. It is an augmented reality app, based on the ARKit framework, with numerous improvements such as collision detection, smoother panning by using gyroscope information rather than digital compass (magnetometer). The app had three different modes: Normal, Hidden Song or Blind Test (Quiz).

In normal mode, the user would hover over a music icon in the sky in order to unlock a song, in turn, adding it to their playlist. Hidden song and blind test were special modes that gave the user the chance to win prizes, such as flights around the world, concert tickets and much more.



The project has won a variety of awards, two of which can be seen in the links below:


Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: Air France Music

Date: Jun 2012 - Dec 2012

Version: v1.0+

Technologies Used: MKNetworkKit, SBJSON, ARKit (Custom) - Augmented Reality Engine

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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The app makes use of the device's accelerometer. When the accelerometer reaches 0.6+ on the Z axis (tilt your phone to the sky), the camera will activate.

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Camera View

View of music icons in the sky. All icons are displayed using randomly generated co-ordinates with a value of -0.1/+0.1 Lat & Lng depending on the user's location.

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Song Unlock Pt. 1

Hovering over the music icon for 2 seconds will unlock the song, allowing the user to view and play the song via their playlist.

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Song Unlock Pt. 2

The unlocked song is then shown, giving the user the chance to hear the song, or add it to their favourites.

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The playlist can be sorted by Favourites, Artist and Song Title.