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Project Description

ASL-ASAP is an app designed to allow users to learn American Sign Language by watching videos with clear instructions of how to sign. The app contains several thousand words and interpretations to provide an excellent system of learning American Sign Language at a fast pace.
By searching for phases using the app and the embedded algorithm, the user is educated clearly on how to structure a sentence using the desired keywords.
The app also contains the ability to save certain words as favourites, explore using different categories and more!

Project Details

Category: Language

Client: ASL-ASAP

Date: December 16 - January 17

Version: 1.0+

Technologies Used: iOS, Obj-C

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Home View

The home view allows the user to enter keywords which will then be interpreted by the algorithm and displayed on the sentence structure view controller. The tab bar also allows the user to view Dictionary, Categories, Favourites and the About section.

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Sentence Structure View

After the user has entered the keywords that they wish to learn, they are redirected to the Sentence Structure view. From here, the user can modify the word (if applicable) to ensure that the correct part of speech is selected (adj./noun/verb etc.) and the tense. From here, the user can either play the videos one-by-one, or as a group.

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Categories View

The user has the option to view all words/phrases stored in the application quite easily, by navigating through the Categories section of the app.

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Video Player

The video player will appear once the user has selected a video to watch. The user is able to control the zoom, the speed and whether to play or pause the video.