AVAST SecureLine VPN

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Project Description

Avast SecureLine VPN is specifically designed to protect users who opt to utilise unsecured Wi-Fi connections, whether it be in a public space, such as a cafe or bar, or even at home. The VPN functionality ensures that the connection is encrypted, allowing the user to access data care-free.

The user has the option to select a number of different locations from around the world, in order to spoof their location if needed.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: AVAST Software s.r.o.

Date: Jul 2013 - Jun 2014

Version: v2.0+

Technologies Used: AFNetworking, CocoaPods, ProtoBuffers, VPN

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Install VPN Modal-View

The modal view appears on the user's first launch, and instructs them to install the Configuration Profile on their iDevice. Upon pressing "install profile", the app opens a specific URL which will direct the user to a configuration profile, which has their generated UUID embedded.

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Enable VPN View

Once the user has installed the profile, they are redirected to the app and must enable the VPN before proceeding. This is done by accessing the Settings on the device and turning on the VPN using the switch on the main Settings screen.

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Home (Connected)

Once the user has enabled the VPN, the modal view will hide and the Home view will be visible. From here, the user has the ability to access Settings, to buy a subscription, change VPN country or enable data compression, which will save data usage on their device.

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Home (Disconnected)

The user can also disable the VPN by turning off the switch in Settings on the device. If the user then returns to the app, this is the screen that will be visible to them.