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Project Description

BuddyPilots is an iOS app that allows the pilot to log their flights by recording the times of engine start, engine stop, takeoff and landing, as well as figures from the Tachometer and Hobbs display.

Used in conjunction with flight schools and aircraft owners, pilots are able to use aircraft and record their flight logs without having to manually write all information by hand.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: BuddyPilots Inc.

Date: Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

Version: v1.0

Technologies Used: CoreData, AFNetworking, CocoaPods

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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My Flights

The 'My Flights' view is the main screen the pilot will see. It contains all references to their upcoming flights, available to log. Each flight has a status assigned; Either Open, Checked-Out, Checked-In, and Closed. An Open flight is one that the pilot has just started, Checked-Out is at the beginning, and the progression of a flight (in-the-air). Checked-In is at the end of the flight, when the pilot has landed, and marked all times appropriately in the Flight Log view. The Closed status is determined by either the Flight School, or the Aircraft Owner, who will then determine the overall cost of the time the aircraft has been flown.

The view also allows the user to easily navigate through different Flight Reservations and their segments, as well as different views for Weekly and Monthly listings.

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Flight Details

When the pilot wishes to create a new flight, they must configure their flight with several parameters. A valid flight reservation would consist of a Start and End Date, Takeoff and Landing Airports, a Flight Rule, Category, the Pilot in Command, and the Aircraft used. Additional parameters would include Waypoints, Second in Command as well as a list of Passengers. Once the Flight information has been entered, the user either has the option of saving the flight, or immediately recording it.

Any created flights can either be added to the iPhone calendar for a reminder, or simply deleted.

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Flight Log - Tach/Hobbs

When the pilot has adjusted all relevant settings for their flight, they will head into the Flight Log view, which allows the user to first verify the clocks in the app are matching the physical clocks in the Aircraft, so that the app will give an accurate reading at the end of the flight, and also send accurate details to the Aircraft owner, once uploaded.

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Flight Log - Record Times

In the Record Times view, there are four main phases that will need to be recorded; Engine Start, Take-Off, Landing and Engine Stop. Each phase will be used by the app in order to determine the correct clock readout at the end of each flight, and will send said details to the Aircraft owner, once the flight information has been uploaded.