CPD Calendar

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Project Description

CPD Calendar is an app designed and developed for people in the medical profession that are required to accumulate a number of credits each year (and five years) in order to gain/keep their accreditation. The app aggregrates data from the backend, listing all past, current and upcoming events that could be useful for the user.

The user can easily keep track of their credits and upcoming events using the app, making it much easier to focus on other aspects of the medical profession.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: Rural Coordination Centre of BC

Date: Feb 2015 - May 2015

Version: v1.0

Technologies Used: CoreData, AFNetworking

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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The Dashboard view shows upcoming and future events depending on what events the user has registered for, as well as recommended events, based on the user's discipline. The Dashboard view also shows the number of points that the user has currently accumulated throughout the year and five years in total.

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Event Details

The Event Details View shows all of the relevant information for the user, including location, points, accreditations, time/date and any relevant tags. The user has the option of registering for the event through the app, by selecting the "Register" button. It will redirect the user to the registration website which provides information for registering. The user also has the ability to add points to their local account when the event has finished.

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All Upcoming Events

The list shows all of the upcoming events and past events, depending on the user's selection. The user also has the ability to filter events, and show a more focused list, depending on their requirements. Each event cell shows the date, location, and accreditation.

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Filter Details

The user is able to filter event lists by selecting the Filter icon on said screen. The filters cover event types, proximity to the user's location, different accreditations, dates, and specialities.

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The settings screen provides the ability for the user to change their profile information, as well as password, and to also provide any feedback regarding the app, whether good or bad.