FDJ Gagnons Du Sport

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Project Description

Gagnons du Sport was initially released in June 2012 as a sports news application for FDJ. The app contained several sections; News, Agenda and Archives. The news tab would vary from day to day, either showing news, interviews, quizzes or events for the weekend ahead. The agenda tab would allow the user to view events throughout France; They could search by sport, city or even using geolocation to view events close to them.

The archives tab would allow the user to scan back through previous news articles and interviews to find out more about their favourite sportspeople. In v1.1, caching was added to allow the user to view archives offline and general improved stability throughout the app.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: FDJ

Date: Apr 2012 - Oct 2012

Version: v1.0+

Technologies Used: MKNetworkKit, SBJSON

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Aujourd'hui / News Tab

The news tab would show different articles based on certain days. Monday's news is shown above.

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Agenda Tab

The agenda tab would allow the user to search for sports events based on sport, city or near to them (By using geolocation).

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The archives tab allows the user to navigate through previous news articles and interviews with sportspeople.

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The user also had access to settings, where they could create an account to take part in the weekly quizzes (every Thursday).

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Answers From Athletes

Every wednesday, there would be an interview with a sportsperson, answering questions that were entered by the Gagnons du Sport users.