Liftago Charge

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Project Description

Liftago Charge is designed for the electric car user. Providing chargepoints for drivers around Czech Republic, the app allows users to easily interact with the chargepoints, giving information regarding charge levels, costs, and overall charge status.

Project Details

Category: Utilities

Client: Liftago

Date: April 2016

Version: 1.0+

Technologies Used: iOS, Obj-C

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Charge Station - Detail View

When the user selects a charge station, they will be able to select a charge socket (if available) and interact with the socket via the mobile app. The app allows the user to start and stop the charge of the electric vehicle, as well as check on the charge status.

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Charge Status View

The user can keep updated with the vehicle's charge status by checking the status view. The view allows the user to start and stop the charging of the vehicle, as well as keeping track of the charge status.

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Map View

When opening the app, the user will be greeted with the map view, allowing them to see nearby chargepoints and their status (whether they are available, or currently occupied).