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Project Description

LocalHero was a start-up company with the idea of creating an app that would build a community of helpers around the world. If the user needed to find out some information about their local area, they would post a question on LocalHero and wait for the community to answer them.

The original application was based on the Three20 framework and allowed for messaging, adding friends, posting requests and building your profile. Version 1.5 included a Heroes tab, which would introduce the most popular heroes of that week, or overall, allowing for users to interact with each other easily, and to also add some competition into the app.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: LocalHero Inc.

Date: Jan 2012 - Apr 2012

Version: v1.1+

Technologies Used: MKNetworkingKit, Three20, Core Data, Core Animation

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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The heroes tab would show around 100 users; Some of them random, others who were the most popular or most helpful in that given time (Normally would change on a weekly basis).

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New Request

The users could post a request onto the LocalHero system, tagging it with certain keywords to ensure they reached the right part of the community, for the fastest and most helpful answers possible.

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The users could read the list of requests which were targeted towards them, or even to read personal messages that were sent by other people in the community.

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The user could update their profiles, with interests, skills or to edit their friends and photos.

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Add Interests

By adding interests, the users would be targeted with relevant questions from the community based on certain keywords. For example, a user with a strong interest in rock music may be able to give useful information to a member of the community who wanted to buy an electric guitar with a certain budget.