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Project Description

The Meetic project began near the start of 2012 and continued for 18 months, at which point the v1.5, v1.6 versions were released. The initial task was to re-write the original code, to improve stability, design and speed. The project then progressed further than the re-write, allowing new features to be added, and to allow the app's potential to really be reached.

The app is a dating platform, allowing users to interact, either by IM, chat, or simply adding them to favourites, to save for later. Meetic is one of the leading dating companies worldwide, and continue to grow with their mobile and web platforms.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: Meetic

Date: October 2012 - July 2013

Version: v1.5+

Technologies Used: Core Data, MKNetworkKit

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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The user can access a Connections page, which gives them a quick summary about user's which may be suitable candidates for dating and also shows other users which may have shown an interest, either by winking or messaging.

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The dashboard is very simple and allows the user to navigate through the different sections of the app, either to search for users, or chat to users that they are already in touch with. The app also allows for the user to block people they are not interested in, or add the people they are interested in, to their favourites.

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Profile View

The profile shows information about the person, including photos, a summary and more information about what they are looking for in a suitable date.

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The app allows for messaging between users, which can be stored to read later.

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Daily 6

A relatively new feature to the app allows the users to vote for six candidates each day (Yes/No/Maybe) to encourage the users to interact in a more entertaining manner.