OneLife Leaders

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Project Description

ONEL!FE is working hard to connect and equip youth and students to become the kind of leaders the UK needs, inspired by Jesus, and transforming the world we live in.

At the ONEL!FE Conferences, we gather exceptional leaders from all walks of life to learn from their experience and wisdom in a dynamic mix of worship, talks, ministry, chat shows and interactive sessions. Come and be a part of the ever increasing community committed to learning and leading well.

The app lists upcoming conferences, as well as providing the users with a weekly agenda - filled with video, audio, quotes and other content to engage the user and inspire them.
Each conference is detailed with a timeline for all of the different workshops and talks that will occur during those dates.

Project Details

Category: Reference, Lifestyle

Client: OneLife

Date: Jan - Feb 2016

Version: 1.0+

Technologies Used: iOS, Obj-C

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Event Detail View

The user is greeted with a list of events when the app is first opened, and the user has the option to select the event to reveal the event details. It gives the rundown of the event along with any timeline that is available, including the dates.

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Timeline Detail

The Event's Timeline detail view shows what talks and workshops are going to occur during the event, giving the user plenty of time and information to prepare for their visit to the OneLife event.

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Weekly Agenda

Each week, the user is greeted with an agenda which contains video, audio and quotes in order to provide information and inspiration to the user.