Rock For People

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Project Description

Rock For People is the most popular festival in the Czech Republic, with approximately 30,000 people attending each year. The app was developed for the festival goers, to generally make their time easier. The app contains information about bands, playing times, maps and news about the festival, which is updated constantly.

The app uses local caching allowing for the user to download data on first launch and have it accessible throughout the festival, with or without an Internet connection. The app is localised to both English and Czech, to ensure that all of the users can easily read the information provided.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: Rock For People

Date: May 2013 - Present (Reoccurring each year)

Version: v1.0 (2013, 2014, 2015, Europe 2015)

Technologies Used: SBJSON

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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The homepage gives the user the chance to access all parts of the app, whether they would like more information about bands, playing times, stage information or even news about the concerts ahead.

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The program section allows the user to view the bands playing on certain days on certain stages.

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The users can see the list of bands that are playing at RFP, including their genre and also gives them the opportunity to add bands to their favourites list, so that they can be notified when the bands will be playing.

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Band Detail

The band detail shows more information about the bands, including information from the web, YouTube, T-Music and also playing times throughout the festival.

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Now Playing

The now playing tab shows the bands that are currently playing at the festival, including stage information and how long the band have been / will be playing.