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Project Description

TexVox is an visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for smartphones, allowing the user to easily view the options when calling a company number, instead of having listen carefully for each option, essentially shortening the call for the user by providing a better UX, as well as cutting costs for companies by having less calls fed through to an operator.

TexVox has an iOS app as well as a standalone SDK which can easily be plugged into existing iOS apps, allowing for the same visual experience when users call a company through their app.

The calling system works through VoIP, which also cuts costs for the user.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: TexVox Inc.

Date: Feb 2015 - May 2015

Version: v1.0

Technologies Used: VoIP, Core Data, AFNetworking, NSJSONSerialization

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Business Directory

The Business Directory view lists all of the companies that are available to call through the TexVox app. The company information is added through a Drupal backend, and refreshed automatically on the iOS app when launched.

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Store Listing

The Store Listing view shows all of the branches that are available to call, belonging to the selected company. Each cell provides the Branch name, address, distance from the user, as well as indication if the Branch has been selected as a favourite. The user is also able to see all Branches on a map, allowing them to see which is the most conveniently located for them.

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Branch Details

The Branch Details view shows the Branch location on a map, including the Branches operation times, the Branches timezone, the Branch address, as well as the phone numbers available to call. The user has the ability to call either using their iOS system, or by VoIP using TexVox (If the 'T' icon is visible in the number section).

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Calling Screen

When the user initiates the call through the TexVox system, they are greeted with this screen. The user can mute/enable their microphone, display the keypad, mute/enable their speaker and end the call. The main display shows the status of the call, and the number that is being dialled.

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Call Menu

When the call has been connected, the main screen of the IVR will be shown, which provides the user with a visual display of the call options. The user can select an option by simply tapping on the cell, and waiting a short moment for the system to recognise the button tone being played, before showing the next menu options.

The screen also has the added function of displaying additional phone number, which the user can select. This ends the current call and establishes a new call to the selected number.

URLs can also be selected on the screen, which opens up the URL in the users default browser, but keeps the call active in the background, allowing the user to continue the call once they've finished viewing the information on the selected URL webpage.