Tiche Spojeni

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Project Description

Tiche Spojeni is an app designed to help deaf people during their everyday lives. If a deaf person wishes to make an appointment at a bank, a service provider, a government office, a hospital etc. they might have troubles communicating with the person trying to help them. With Tiche Spojeni, the deaf user has access to an interpreter, that can assist them through video, audio and text chat, making that bridge that the deaf person didn't easily have previously.

Project Details

Category: Utilities

Client: Tiche Spojeni

Date: December 2016 - February 2017

Version: 1.0+

Technologies Used: iOS, Obj-C

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Home View

The home view shows what services are available to the user, allowing them to easily navigate to the correct service and to make an appointment with an interpreter - either immediately (emergency) or at a later date. The user is also able to contact people in their address book by using the Tiche Spojeni app, as well as check any upcoming or historical requests they might have, or have made.

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Business Listings View

When the user has selected the service they wish to contact, they are presented with a list of business addresses. The user can either select one of the business addresses, view all of them on the map, or simply contact them via phone (& interpreter) or via email.

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Map View

If the user wishes to view the service's locations on a map view, the map will show all locations using pins on the map, and will also provide the user the opportunity to call or email the service.

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New Request View

If the user wishes to make a request for an interpreter, they are presented with the New Request view. Here, the user can select which type of call is to be made, and to which number. They can select a date & time for the call to be made, and also provide additional details to the interpreter before the call is made.