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Project Description

The y!kes mobile app is used in conjunction with a set of hardware that is installed within a hotel infrastructure. Using the latest BlueTooth technology (BLE 4.0), a series of data packets are communicated between the linked hardware in order to provide access to certain hotel facilities.

The most popular use case is for the iPhone device to replace the guest's room key, allowing the guest to skip the check-in desk and go straight to their hotel room, as all information and necessary data is provided to their iPhone upon hotel entry, via iBeacon and BLE technology.

Project Details

Category: iOS

Client: y!kes Inc.

Date: Aug 2014 - Dec 2014

Version: v1.0

Technologies Used: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), iBeacons, CocoaPods, Core Data, AutoLayout, CoreBluetooth

URL: Link to iTunes Store

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Main Screen (With valid hotel stay)

When the guests installs the Y!kes app and creates an account, on the premise that they have made a reservation at one of the partner hotels, they will expect to see this view. By pairing the guest's email address with the Y!kes infrastructure, the app will receive a set of Bluetooth UUIDs to begin scanning for.

By using iBeacon technology, when the guests comes within proximity of the hotel's iBeacons, they will receive a message on their device. This first step is to alert the phone to the presence of the Y!kes Bluetooth infrastructure. The next step is device authentication.

By verifying the device's UUID and the app user's credentials, the system is able to determine whether it is in fact, the registered guest is attempting to request the hotel information for their stay. If the information is correct, the guest's device will receive information regarding their reservation (room number).

The accompanying hotel app allows a member of staff to assign rooms to guests very quickly and easily, ensuring that the guest's room is prepared, ready for their arrival.

Upon receiving their room information, the guest can proceed directly to their floor, where the Bluetooth proximity sensors in the elevators will keep track of the guest's location, to ensure they have reached the correct floor. When the hotel guest has reached their room, the Bluetooth-connected lock will communicate with the guest's phone, ensuring they have a valid stay token, before unlocking the door for the guest, making the entire guest experience seamless and as pleasant as possible.